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Physical Layer Switches
2x16 10/100/1000 SPAN Physical Layer (Matrix) Switch
Model: 2X16SP-1000BT
The 2x16 Copper Gigabit SPAN Physical Layer Switch for 10/100/1000 Ethernet networks increases network visibility and leverages your investment in network analyzers, probes, and security equipment. Greater visibility accelerates problem resolution, reduces downtime, increases enterprise productivity, and improves ROI.

4x16 10/100/1000 In-Line Physical Layer Switch
Model: 4X16SY-BT
The 4x16 10/100/1000 In-Line Physical Layer Switch increases network visibility and reduces the total cost of managing your network. Greater network visibility reduces downtime, increases enterprise productivity, and facilitates remote management, while the ability to share and distribute network tools leverages your current investment in network tools and saves money on new equipment costs and recurring licensing fees.

Fiber Gigabit In-Line Physical Layer Switch (16 ports)
Model: 4X16SY-SX
The 4X16SY-SX is a 16 port In-Line Fiber Gigabit Physical Layer Switch for use in Enterprise level fiber gigabit networks. The 4X16SY-SX Physical Layer Switch will give you visibility into 16 fiber gigabit links utilizing the same technology that is found in our completely passive conventional fiber gigabit taps. This means you never have to worry about losing any packets on your link if your matrix switch, analyzer, firewall, or IDS fails or loses power.

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